Curriculum Vitae

Actuary at PFA Pension 2020-Present:

Data I work with:
  • Financial data regarding our products.
  • Stuff like gender and age.

What software, tools and coding languages do I use:
  • RStudio and R
  • SQL Server Management Studio, SQL
  • Microsoft Office products
  • SAS
What am I doing:
The company needs risk reports in order to make decisions about our TAE products (that's a Danish abbreviation for 'Loss of ability to work' products).
This includes differential equations as the Thiele differential equation as well as Markov Chains.

Data Analyst at Siemens Gamesa 2018-2020:

Data I work with:
  • 'Big data' or billions of rows of data. - Not even mentioning the columns.
  • Time Series of sensor and visit data
  • Categorical data - like alarm data

What software tools / coding languages do I use:
  • RStudio and R
  • Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL
  • Excel
  • A small bit of Python and Matlab

Some other technical notes regarding my job:
  • Shiny apps, RMarkdown and Shiny server
  • Linux server
  • Database owner and handler
  • Mail and support resistent persistent
What am I doing:
Basically if a guy/a girl/that wants to get some statistics, some calculations or just plain data I am the (straight white) man.
If a person does not need how something should be calculated or a new way of making predictions should be made, I am the goto stat-man.

I am understanding what is needed, then I have to create reasonable and 'somewhat correct' assumptions.

Sometimes I make Shiny Apps - statistical tools available for the entire company. Then they do not have to ask me about simple classic cases all the time.
I also handle the Linux server on which the Shiny server is located.

As a secondary part I am totally pranking my physics buddy. He is old. Like 33 or something. People born in the 80's are sooo old.

Teaching Assistant at Aalborg University 2016-2018:

    Following are the studies I was Teaching Assistant for:

Educational 'Achievements':

  • M.Sc. in Applied Statistics, June 2018
  • Unofficially named the best and sexiest looking Teaching Assistant ever.
  • My 7th semester project is featuring on the university homepage.
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics, June 2016

(Social) Instructor/Tutor at Aalborg University 2014-2017:

  • Organizing events with the bonding of freshmen as intend. Amongst these are:
    • The 3-day 'introductory trip'.
    • Pubcrawl - Team-based competitions on different bars.
    • The mathematical christmas (X-Math) dinners.

Swim coach at Støvring Svømmeklub 2012-2014:

  • Teaching kids in the ages 6 to 10 how not to drown.
    • (The trick is to keep their head above the water.)
  • Coaching talent swim team - kids in the age range from 10-14.

Messenger at Sparekassen Himmerland (now Jutlander Bank) 2007-2011:

  • Accounting for value in the banks safe.
  • Register checks and girocards into the system.